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How To Unlock A Razor Scooter? – 7 Easy Steps

How To Unlock A Razor Scooter?

Do you own a Razor scooter? If so, you are aware of how much fun it can be to ride. But what happens when you aren’t using it? You must store it by folding it up. Here is how to unlock a razor scooter. 

Scooters are excellent for transportation, leisure, exercise, and commuting. People who wish to quickly store their scooter or transport it anyplace choose foldable scooters since they are highly convenient. 

Similar to skateboards, small wheels are there on Razor Scooters. Razor scooters of the present day are more modern than those of the past.

They have larger wheels and are composed of higher-quality materials. However, many people have difficulties unfolding or unlocking their Razor Scooter. So, let’s learn in detail about how to unlock them.

This article will walk you through each step of how to unlock and how to open razor scooter using only your hands. You’ll also get some advice on safe scooter riding from it.

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What is a Razor Scooter?

Razor has made a name for itself in the American market by offering children a wide range of scooters, hoverboards, and skateboards.

A razor scooter is a quick, enjoyable, and affordable replacement for a bicycle. It’s similar to riding a bicycle without pedals, and walking is more enjoyable and convenient than using a bicycle.

Furthermore, these scooters are highly versatile as everyone can use them, including children and adults. Adults also enjoy them, particularly in cities where they may travel from one location to another.

Riding a Razor scooter is simple and fun. Also, they are much cheaper than vehicles, and these electric scooters make your ride much more convenient.

7 Steps To Unlock The Razor Scooter By Releasing The Locking Levers

The Razor scooters are their best-selling item. It is famous for its two-wheeled racing scooters called Razor kick scooters.

Step 1: Place the scooter on the ground and put your foot on it

Step on the scooter with one foot after setting it down on the ground. Place it down to keep it stable while you unlock the razor scooter. 

Then, place your foot in between the wheels on the foot stand. After that, Hold on to the handlebars and firmly plant your foot to stop the scooter from moving.

Razor scooters are simple to fold, but there is a specific way to fold them. The scooter may fall apart if you don’t steady and open the release levers properly.

When folding the scooter, take care not to cut your fingers. Although there is little danger of getting caught by the moving parts, you should keep your fingers free for safety.

Step 2: Push the press buttons on the handles

The second step is to remove the grips by releasing the buttons on the handles. On the underside of each handlebar of the scooter is a little button. 

The buttons will be directly in front of you while positioned behind the handlebars. Pull the nearest grip away from the rest of the scooter after pressing one of the buttons. With the other grasp, repeat this.

Most Razor scooters fold without the grips coming off, so unlatch the remaining levers. If you have any issues, try first removing the clasps.

The Razor Jr. is much easier than it is for children. It lacks the handlebar buttons and the steering column clasp, so you only need to worry about the last release lever.

Step 3: Pull open the grip of the steering column

Pull the clasp on the steering column’s side open. The handlebars and the connection between the foot pad and the front portion of the scooter are movable. 

Look for a circular metal part about halfway down from the handlebars. Pull a clasp away from the scooter on one end of the lever.

If you installed the scooter yourself, you might have used this quick-release mechanism to raise the steering column, so the handlebars are level according to your height. It will help you learn how to open and close the scooter.

Step 4: Push the steering column down

Push the steering column down. You can move the steering column by releasing the clasp. Then Lower the handlebars to start folding the scooter. 

Then grasp the steering column with one hand while lowering the handlebars with the other. The scooter’s primary body will enclose the steering column as it lowers. Close the clasp to secure the steering column.

The tube is the element that regulates the handlebars’ height. Release the clasp once again and elevate the handlebars one more to get on the scooter.

Step 5: Hold the steering and Turn the scooter upside down

Holding the steering wheel, flip the scooter to its side. Flip the scooter over after getting off. Keep a strong grip on the handlebars since the steering column is loose and could slip back out. 

Also, to prevent the steering column from re-emerging from the scooter, you might hold the handlebars against the ground or your body.

If the steering column removes, the scooter will not fold properly. Push the handlebars down one more and flip the scooter over.

Step 6: Push the joint-release lever

On the scooter’s bottom, pull the joint-release lever. Reach with your free hand for the joint-release lever while holding the steering column stationary. 

It’s close to the front wheel, where the steering column meets the footrest. To unlock the locking mechanism, flip the lever to the side. Once you flip it, the scooter will practically fold itself into a transportable shape.

Gravity takes care of most of the folding as long as the scooter is upside-down. If necessary, condense the scooter by lowering the steering column component to the footpad.

It is the only lever you need to deal with while folding a Razor Jr. It is located just in front of the footpad on the back side of the steering column.

Step 7: Unfold the scooter by pushing the release lever

Press the releasing lever to unfold the scooter. Then push the quick-release lever toward the footpad while holding the scooter in your hands. 

Pull the handlebar in the other direction to open the scooter after pushing it. After that, you can release the clasp and raise the steering column to the preferred height. To secure it in place, close the clasp. 

The scooter is simple to unfold as it is to fold. Check the release lever for debris and other damage indicators if you’re having difficulties with it. You can also follow our steps for the opening razor scooter.


Scooters are enjoyable for many generations of children and even adults. Due to their small size and portability, foldable units are among the most popular types. You can use your scooter and get any questions about the process answered with the help of this instruction we’ve provided on how to unlock a Razor scooter. 

Follow these instructions and commit them to memory for a simple set-up that will allow you to enjoy your scooter ride as much as possible.

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