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Yume x7 E-Scooter review – Best Combo of Speed and Power

Are you a bike lover and love speed? Could you ride a two-wheeler at more than 55 kilometers per hour without worrying about the cost? This comprehensive Yume x7 review will help you find your first and most reliable YUME X7 electric scooter.  

The YUME X7 electric scooter is one of the greatest because, unlike its rivals, it boasts many brand-new and unique features.

People are astounded by the range it spans and its impressive sizes, from tires to the deck. Utilizing it is a beautiful experience.

So, in this Yume X7 analysis, we’ll discuss the device’s incredible features and potential drawbacks. Now let’s read the detailed review of the Yume X7 Electric scooter!

Yume X7 Review

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Table of Contents

What makes the YUME X7 scooter unique?

The Yume X7 is a highly versatile and unique e scooter with special features and a high-quality manufacturing process. Let’s look at some of its essential features.

1. Build and Design

Yumeway Corporation worked hard to create the X7 Electric Scooter. It weighs about 55 kg/120 lbs. Thus, it falls into the category of a portable scooter you can carry up the stairs.

The design makes it simple for the rider to fold and unfold. The outer shell has a rust-free aluminum alloy lighter than other metallic alloys. Additionally, there is a handlebar so that rider can have a comfortable ride—the pneumatic tires’ excellent shock absorption results from the lack of an inner tube.

Also, it has a massive deck size. The deck measures 61 cm in length and 26 cm in width. The 24 cm clearance between the deck and the ground is entirely due to the tire size, which we will discuss next.

The stem contains two angel eye lights and the primary headlight to help you travel at night. Further, the deck has an LED light strip which is the most attractive thing.

2. The electric motor

The X7 Yume Electric Scooter has powerful electric power. Also, it has dual motors for increased performance and strength.

We know that an electric scooter must include dual motor integration as a standard feature. Since the motors have a combined wattage of 8000W (each at 4000W), you may easily transport backpacks and other items while traveling. 

Also, you can count on 8000 watts of power to move forward or even engage in off-road driving. One of the many benefits of a powerful electric scooter motor is that you can conquer practically any terrain without breaking a sweat.

But don’t worry, you can ride in a single motor if you need more than traveling at high speeds.

3. Durable and Reliable Controller

The controller for the YUME X7 electric scooter is one of its most outstanding and dependable features. The speed of the two motors combined with that incredible controller provides the best speed control and the simplicity to reach maximum and minimum speed.

So, it enables the rider to control the ride’s mechanics and gain total command of the circumstance with the aid of the best controller. The controller has a 90aH battery and provides maximum speed control. So, it’s clear how simple it is to reach speeds of more than 55 mph.

4. Tires

There are many benefits to using tubeless tires. They have a 13-inch diameter, practically unmatched in the market, except the YUME Ohvation and Emove Roadrunner, which have 13-inch and 14-inch diameters, respectively.

These large and chunky tires are also good for off-roading because they are anti-skid/street tires. Also, they are about 24 cm above the ground.

They are ideal for muddy terrain and off-roading. It is one of the best tire systems on the market, measuring 13 inches in diameter by 5 inches in breadth and tubeless to eliminate the inconvenience of changing the tubes

What are the additional fancy features of Yume X7?

When you talk about fancy features, the first thing that comes to mind is the looks, style, and display of the e-scooter. The X7 has a big screen that displays the time, voltage, and battery percentage. 

Also, they have a speed adjustment button with two power levels, making your X7 unique. Other than this, some of the additional features are: 


Do you want to turn around? The X7 has turn signals on the sides, and they are easy to see and prevent accidents. It has the best lighting system. Riding the scooter event is easier when it is dark outside, and you may relax and change between several lighting options.

It includes four front-end lights illuminating the road ahead and alerting oncoming traffic to your presence. The scooter’s acrylic led strip light comes in 7 stunning colors: yellow, pink, white, blue, red, green, and purple.

Therefore, it makes you stand out, and if you prefer sticking out, this is the scooter. When cycling in crowded areas, the turn indicator lights are also quite beneficial because they are bright enough to see things on the road.

Easy to Foldability and Carry scooter Yume X7

Many people find the scooter quite simple to use, and its ability to take up less room is also helpful if you want to store it in the trunk of your car. The X7 unfolds and folds quickly in 5 seconds. 

It’s important to remember that the X7 measures 158 cm in length and 58 cm in height when folded, and the length, when unfolded, is 135 cm, and the height is 150cm.

So, this makes it easy to imagine putting it in a vehicle or carrying it around. It doesn’t take up much space and appears overly large, yet it is quite heavy when you carry it.

The Big Battery

The electric scooter’s battery is its best and most innovative feature. It has two batteries, each of which has a capacity of 4,000, as was already mentioned. 

These batteries are 60V 50Ah and 72V 45Ah. YUME includes one with the full set, similar to how you would need a dual charger to charge these two batteries.

Since the expense of purchasing a second charger increases the overall cost, it makes your life easier. It takes 8 to 10 hours to charge it during this time fully. There are different variations of this scooter 50ah 60V color acrylic light, 45ah 72V color acrylic light, and 45ah 72V batteries.

What makes YUME X7 safe to use?

Yume X7 Electric Scooter

As you ride, you will desperately search for a monster like this. Well, the electric scooter X7 has numerous safety features in place for you.

YUME X7 brakes

The 8000 watt electric scooter has electronic blackout brakes, which have incredible accuracy and precision. Additionally, the scooter has hydraulic brakes that swiftly stop the vehicle and make it simpler for the rider to maintain stability.

This characteristic is far stronger and superior to disc brakes, which generally do more harm than good by providing stability and a quick stop.

The electronic breakout makes immediate locking possible as soon as the brake pedal is depressed, and this accuracy ultimately improves the rider’s safety.

Batteries No Longer Overheat

Charging short-circuiting is a major concern that burns the entire house. But you don’t have to worry about the batteries on the YUME X7 overheating because Yumeway chose to include an automated under-voting sleep prompt into the scooter.

Also, it makes it possible for you to charge this electric scooter confidently, knowing that the firm will take care of any potentially dangerous short-circuit fires. It has a guard against overcharging and overheating and 5A twin battery fast chargers.

Incredible Suspension

The YUME X7 has a great suspension because it protects your bottoms from harm. Additionally, it has dual spring dampers on the rear end to cushion shocks on uneven terrains.

The front-end suspension, which provides excellent stability and is the most enjoyable aspect of a scooter, is almost impossible to overlook.

With the support of this bike’s incredible suspension, the ride drastically alters, and as you become used to it, it gets even simpler to control. The trip gets more enjoyable, and your only goal is to enjoy yourself as much as possible while riding a scooter.

You should surely save your bottoms from the anguish of uncomfortable rides, especially when seated. If you ride while standing, you want to avoid running into circumstances where you’ll need therapy.

An Audible And Loud Horn

Horn is one of the essential features of a vehicle. In particular, a horn that is loud enough to alert other drivers and pedestrians and clear the way for you to cross the street. It guarantees a safe and smooth ride by informing everyone around you of your actions, much like the brake lights do.

The YUME X7 8000W has a motorbike-grade horn because using only the brakes is insufficient while driving. While it may not be the loudest you will encounter, it is audible enough for pedestrians and other road users to hear from a distance.

It is good at climbing Hills.

You can easily acquire a hill-climbing ability of between 30 and 60 degrees, depending on variables including the rider’s weight, riding expertise, and the slope angle. A not-so-sloppy slope with a 55° incline was no problem for me to ascend.

What is the price of Yume X7 8000w?

Are you curious about the cost of the Yume X7 8000W? YUME X7 72V 45Ah has a starting price of $2799 and a promotional code. Use Amos-X7 to save $100 instantly.

Given its specifications, the YUME way scooter’s price is fair, considering that most of its rivals have somewhat worse features and cost \$3K+. Most scooters that match the Yumi X7 specifications cost up to $4000!

The YUME X7 riding journey of a lifetime

I already had ideas regarding the ride before I even got my hands on the YUME X7 8000W. There were some good ideas and some bad ones. For instance, since 13-inch tires do feel large for a two-wheeler, I anticipated that there would be problems with my safety (thinking about instability). 

The wheels increase the ground clearance, which benefits stability. These, along with the motorbike-grade twin suspensions at the front and rear, provide stability and safety while driving.

The torque could be better; you may notice this as you ride. You will undoubtedly experience it if you have previously driven a more expensive vehicle like the Dualtron Storm. Although the YUME X13 model is far more advanced, this is one of the areas where YUME can do better with the X7.

The YUME X7 has versatile seats. This firm saddle may provide durability for a long time because of its ergonomic black leather and aluminum. The seat improves comfort, especially when traveling over uneven and hilly terrain.

At the top speed, there was some stem movement that I could feel, but I didn’t interpret this positively.

If only YUME would incorporate a steering damper to address this issue as they did with the YUME X11 model. However, it has one drawback: it has acrylic lights, which you can control with a remote control. Imagine that it will be impossible to turn off the lights if you are in a rush and leave the remote at home.

The deck lights should include a clickable switch to turn them off during the daytime, which will conserve more energy. This YUME X7 scooter review has attempted to educate you as much as possible.

What do you anticipate from the brand-new YUME X7 box?

When you purchase a YUME X7 electric scooter, you will undoubtedly get these unique features: 

  • Remote control for turning on the acrylic lights
  • A comfortable seat that you can modify
  • Your instruction manual
  • A YUME bag and a toolkit for adjusting the scooter’s major parts

Is YUME X7 effective for climbing hills?

The YUME X7 electric scooter can overcome any inclination between 30 and 60. Due to the substantial open space underneath, it also allows you to ride in off-roading areas and climb when the gradient is between 30 and 60 degrees.

YUME X7 Specifications

Some of the key specifications of the X7 Scooter are as follows:

  • Max Speed: 72 v up to 55 miles per hour
  • Motor: BLDC dual hub motors with hall sensor – 8000 watts
  • Range: 80 miles
  • Battery: Panasonic21700 72V 45ah
  • Brake: Electronic blackout brake and Hydraulic brake
  • Hill grade: depending on rider’s weight and other aspects – 35 to 60 degrees
  • Tires: anti-skid 13-inch-wide road tires with inner tube
  • Acrylic board: high-end colorful deck and rear acrylic lights
  • Light: 4 U7 big front LED lights with rear turn lights, horn, and brake light
  • Weight: 55 kg/120 lbs.
  • Charging: 8 to 10 hours
  • Maximum load: 150Kg/ 330lbs.
  • IP Rating: IP54

Who Is The YUME X7 Perfect For?

There are many benefits to this electric scooter. It provides the user with excellent stability and is a pleasant ride because of its 13-inch tires and sturdy deck. The dual-end suspensions and blackout brakes add even more stability and control to the scooter, ensuring a secure journey.

As you ride the YUME X7, you’ll observe how having a brake light and turn indicator lights can affect your riding and safety experience. Safety appears to be a priority in the YUME X7.

The YUME X7 electric scooter is composed of sturdy, long-lasting materials, which makes it even more steady and simple to control with your hands. 

The acrylic lights on the deck are a great addition to the enjoyment of riding on it.

Is the YUME X7 for you?

No matter how amazing an electric scooter looks and how much you believe it is the ideal alternative for you, there are some details that, if overlooked, can leave you with a grain of regret.

I won’t mince words in this situation. You shouldn’t use Yume X7 if

You have to carry something heavy up numerous flights of stairs. See, 120 pounds (55kgs) of weight is illogical for many, if not most, of us. We apologize, but you must leave if you work or stay above and can’t park your e-scooter downstairs.

You need more money or can secure dependable financing. If spending more than \$2500 on an electric scooter would make you feel guilty and make you calculate how much you “wasted,” then no thanks. Before you think about the X7, sort the key stuff first.

I struggle with complete novices. By pressing the accelerator, the YUMEX7’s buttery smooth ride will make you feel like a pilot. The finest electric scooter to use for self-training is different from this one. You can select the YUME S10 or one of the other Yume electric scooters we’ve tested here.

Your taste isn’t in safety equipment. It would be worthwhile if you dressed because there are more than ten common electric scooter accidents. Electric scooter helmets serve additional purposes outside, only protecting your head! Try it

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